Gladiolus Masterclass

Rs. 4,000

Prized for their majestic flower spikes, Gladiolus are also popularly known as the Sword Lilly due to their shape. In the language of flowers, gladiolus signifies remembrance.

The Gladiolus is a very attractive and interesting flower to add to your repertoire. You will learn how to get the form and movement right for this showy stem of flowers. And I will be sharing all my tips and tricks for you to get it right!

You will learn how to seamlessly blend the stems and the flower using the unique qualities of  a starch based flowerpaste. You will learn the minute differences in giving movement for a young Gladiolus flower and a mature flower

You will learn to make the closed buds, half open buds, young flower and the mature flower. You will learn how to assemble all these onto a single stem

The techniques learnt in this class will enable you to apply them to many other similar flowers.