Hi. I'm Arati Mirji, a Sugar Flower Artist from Bengaluru, India.

My specialisation lies in the confluence of art and science of sugar flowers.

I create realistic and natural looking sugar flowers with edible flower paste and enjoy experimenting with materials, tools and new techniques.


My journey so far has been quite special. I have always had an artistic instinct, but never tried sugar flowers or any form of sugar art till 2015. I was introduced to this beautiful art by chance when a class came up in my city of Bengaluru and I got an opportunity to try it. By the end of the first day, I somehow knew this was my calling and have not looked back since.


In a year’s time I started getting recognition for my work in the field of sugar flowers. I was a finalist in the sugar flowers category at Cake Masters Magazine Awards for two consecutive years and went on to win the award in the third year. 

The year 2018 was special. I won the highly coveted Cake Masters Magazine Awards and First Place Gold at Cake International for my display inspired by the Fireworks theme in the Sugar Flower Category.


2016 Cake Masters Magazine Awards: Finalist
2017 Cake Masters Magazine Awards: Finalist
2017 Top Ten Cake Artists in India
2018 Top Ten Cake Artists in India
2018 Cake Masters Magazine Awards: Winner - Sugar Flower Category
2018 Cake International: First Place - Sugar Flower Category
2024 D'Licious Magazine Awards - Sugar Floral Artist of the Year 2023

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Nature provides us with such a magnificent variety of flowers, each one different and unique. The visual beauty and structural differences of each are wonderful to behold and challenging to replicate. It offers an immense amount of inspiration, and equal challenge for artists like me to capture natural beauty in its true and wondrous form.

I have taken inspiration from several renowned artists around the world, but most of all from the beautiful flowers that nature has to offer. The intricacies in their structure, the vibrancy of their colours, the movement of their petals; all inspire me to replicate each and every aspect and push myself to get as close to nature as possible.


When I am in my studio in Bengaluru making flowers, I am in my happiest space and the joy of recreating some of nature’s wonders gives me immense pleasure. My practice helps grow this unique craft into an art form and share all the skills, old & new techniques, personal experiences & learning with others. I invite those that have a passion for realistic, life-like sugar flowers to come attend my masterclasses and experience the joy.

Each tutorial is planned such that students learn different and unique techniques which not only enable them to make that particular flower covered in the tutorial but also equip them with the skill to handle other flowers where in these techniques can be applied. My teachings have enabled students to gain the confidence to create spectacular celebration cakes, participate in various prestigious competitions and win many coveted awards.

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