Karthika Saravanthi

I have been a super-fan of Arati and her incredible skill of making real life like Sugar flowers. I am proud to be one of her students ❤️😊 Because of the clear guidelines and amazing class, I was able to make a Sugar Poinsettia in Cake International and bag a Bronze.

Arati has amazing tricks up her sleeves. Few things no one can even think of. Her classes are super duper detailed and she’s supportive and encouraging ❤️😊

Megha Kwatra Madan

Thank you so much Arati for everything you have taught me so far. You are not only a great teacher but a wonderful human being. You don't just teach , you inspire many people with your work. I am among those fortunate ones to have learnt sugar flowers from you and I am going to be forever grateful for that. You  introduced the art of sugar flowers to me in such a fantastic way that there is no looking back now. I can't even imagine my cakes without those gorgeous sugar flowers now.
I absolutely love your easy to follow step by step tutorials which makes even the most complicated flowers look like a fun project.
Your recently developed new techniques are a complete game changer and made our journey as a cake artist easier than ever before. 
Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

Rima Chahine

I joined several of Arati Mirji tutorials last year and during the lock dawn and it was blessings her online classes, not only occupied me but backed me with amazing sugar art skills. In Arati Mirji tutorials you learn every small steps to achieve fully bloomed flowers. I enjoyed making the parrot tulipe, Gladiolus, water lily, louts flower and David Austin Rose. Arati Mirji generous with her information and secrets of how to make the flowers to look as real as possible to nature.

Once you join one flower tutorial by Arati you wouldn't want to miss any of her tutorial. You will also get to learn her new speedy technique of twiddling methods. Furthermore, you get to enter group competition and win a prize! Thank you so much dear Arati Mirji for your time spend to teach us, I look forward for new tutorials.  Best wishes! Rima Chahine xx

Saritha Sheregar

Hi Arati Madam,

It is my pleasure to write about you who is an amazing teacher & mentor who has always been helpful to me.

Answering all my questions and sharing your knowledge and techniques with  us students.

You have made sure that we practice and present what was learned in your class. You have inspired me to start making sugar flowers and my journey started and your techniques helped me to get Virtual Silver in CI International  2021 under floral category.

Thank you Madam for being a wonderful teacher.

Tina Parsons Crawford

I have attended several of Arati's tutorial classes and have learned so much in the sugar art world. Her tutorials are deeply detailed so you understand every step you are taking in the making of the flower. Arati is wonderful about providing additional support after the tutorial is over and even out of the blue questions. I have learned different techniques to assist in bringing a natural state to the flowers. I highly recommend all of Arati's tutorials to learn this art.

Remille Vanderburg

In my journey into sugar flower art less than two years, she is one of the few people I really admire and have helped enhance my skills. Versatile teaching is how I would describe her teaching style. She takes into account that not everyone can get all the proper tools so you can still learn to make a flower without the proper veiner and yet it still looks so realistic. Once you start learning from her, you will keep coming back for more.

Gyongyi Gabriella Kope

Hi Arati! Congratulations! “Your tutorials are amazing! Very detailed ,with lots of explanations, tips and advises. Every one can learn from you, as well beginners as advanced students. Since I learned from you all the great and new techniques ( like the AQT)I can literally make ANY flower I want to! Thank you again for being such a good teacher!” 

Sweta Dalmia

I am Sweta Dalmia..owner operator of The Cake Fairy. I have been following Arati Mirji’s tutorials for quite some time and she is an awesome sugar flower artist with a knack for making even the most difficult flowers easy. Her tutorials are easy to follow and her beautiful flowers have helped me in getting the Highly Commended award in Cake International 2020 and Silver in Cake International 2021.

Ebru Eskalen

I attended dear Arati's protea training and learned a wonderful method that can be applied to many flowers with the AQT technique She demonstrated. I am very happy that I attended Arati's training and got to know her. The protea flower made my competition arrangement different. Thanks to this wonderful flower, excellent technique and patience and sincerity in teaching

Taya Thayapran

Being Aratis student in the past year has been a whole new learning experience! Her style of teaching the art of Sugar craft is phenomenal. I have gained confidence and courage in handling the medium without fear. Aratis new and Very practical techniques , especially the AQT has come in as a game changer and no looking back in how we twiddle the sugar paste on to the wire in a matter of seconds ! This was probably the coolest experience I’ve had in learning from her and participating in tutorial she’s taught us . What impressed me the most is I’ve gradually cultivated the ability to have different views and her teaching skills helped me explore my mind , be more sensitive , and expand more creative ideas in this beautiful world of Sugarcraft. Her new techniques and concepts were well thought , and taught and was able to understand and grasp them with ease. Her tutorials have been extremely satisfying and invigorating! Most of all it was fun and I’ve learned many new easy and fresh techniques that looks good when applied, I really cannot thank Arati enough for all the wonderful fun times I’ve had in the past one year.

Diane Pieris Livera

I have been following Arati Mirji for well over an year now doing nearly all of her online live flower tutorials. Arati tutorials have helped me to gain so much confidence with attempting the most intricate details on attempting to turn a flower using sugar paste into something that is so real that even I find it hard to believe it is my creation. Her AQT technique which she developed has been a complete game changer from making the pin cushion protea to numerous other flowers. More recently Arati took us on a fun and fabulous journey with her foliage class where she introduced her students to a phenomenal technique of a brilliant splash of colour. Her method for teaching is so calming with such an aura of grace. I have no hesitation in reccommending Aratis tutorials to anyone who has a passion and love for creating flowers that are simply just beyond beautiful. She imparts all of her knowledge most generously and I cannot thank her enough for her encouragement and time to her her students. I wish you every success Arati Mirji xx

Marinela Muresan

I've noticed Arati on several collaborations and international competitions because of her sugar flower arrangements that were particularly harmonious and well worked. Because I'm demanding of myself and wanted the flowers shaped by me to be more and more realistic, Arati inspired me to find the perfect opportunity to attend her classes. Her online courses made possible to work in the groups organized by her. The clever techniques and finishing touches that she proposes are explained in a very clear and applicable way not only to the demonstrated species, but others as well, based on the creativity and ideas of the trainees. Thank you very much, Arati! You're not just an artist, but also a wonderful teacher that I'm happy to recommend your courses to anyone that trusts me and my recommendations.