Lotus Masterclass

Rs. 4,500

This masterclass covers two varieties of Lotus: The Indian lotus as well as the fringed hybrid Lotus.

What will you learn:

How to ensure you get the cupping of the lotus flower petals right, especially the bigger ones.

The biggest challenge while wiring the deeply cupped petals, is to make sure that the wire doesn’t poke out while you vein it (this is a very common problem faced by all including me while using highly cupped veiners) I’ll show you how to overcome this problem using various options.

Use existing veiners to make a free-hand large lotus leaf, the technique to wire a saucer shaped leaf.

Learn to make the various stages of the flower - open bud, full bloomed flower - two varieties, unopened seed pod after the petals have fallen, big unopened seed pod, large freehand leaves.

And of course, coloring, glazing, assembling along with various tips and tricks which have helped me to bring my flowers as close to real flowers as possible.