Protea Pincushion Masterclass

Rs. 5,000

The Protea Pincushion is a stunning flower with nearly 500 stamens and stigmas, a challenging flower to replicate.

Have you ever struggled with twiddling paste on your wires?

What if I told you that I am going to teach you a game-changing technique for twiddling that will reduce the working time by more than half?

What if I told you that with my technique, you will get uniform thickness on all your twiddled wires?

In this tutorial, I show my new technique - AQT - Arati’s Quick Twiddle technique; to get quick, easy, and uniform twiddles that can cut working time by more than half. I promise you will not go back to the traditional method of twiddling once you learn this easy method. It is a game changer with endless possibilities 😊

And of course I’ll show you how to achieve the proper ball form of this absolutely amazing Pincushion protea.