Lily of the Valley Masterclass

Rs. 4,000

This gorgeous, fragrant flower steeped in history and symbolism is most widely acknowledged to represent feelings of joy and hopefulness.

With a fresh, green scent that practically embodies the arrival of spring and stems lined with small, delicate bell-shaped flowers practically made for small bouquets and nosegays, Lily of the Valley flowers have long been associated with royalty and are used as symbols of love, motherhood, and purity

In folklore, Lily of the Valley is said to protect gardens from evil spirits and is also considered the flower of fairies, who drink from its tiny cups.

Learn to make the unique bell shaped flowers with their intricate centres.

Struggling with trying to neatly cover thin wires with floral tape? Fret no more; as I will show you how to cover the thin wires as well as the thick stems of the lily of the Valley with flowerpaste; using my signature AQT technique - Arati’s Quick Twiddle technique to get quick, neat and uniform twiddles.

You will also learn how to make the leaves freehand and add depth to them using various shades of green dust colours. Two methods of glazing will be also shared.

The best part is that you need minimal cutters and no veiners! All the molding will be done by hand using regular tools. Hence no additional costs of tools!