Pink Cosmos Masterclass

Rs. 3,000
The word cosmos originally comes from the Greek language and it represents love and beauty and literally means harmonized/ balanced universe. Cosmos flower comes in many vibrant colors and has a deep and sensual fragrance that send off a message of love and peacefulness.

There is a legend that the Cosmos flower got its name from a Spanish priest who developed these flowers in mission gardens of a monastery. The priest noticed how symmetrical and aligned petals of the Cosmos flowers were, and he decided to name them with a Greek name for the ordered universe – Cosmos.

The Cosmos flower has a nickname “flower of love”

People sent a message of their deepest feelings and love through the Cosmos flower.

This is one of the common flowers ladies get on Valentine’s Day, as it symbolises walking together through life and saying that life is beautiful.

Learn a very quick and easy way to make these delicate and beautiful Cosmos flowers, buds and the hair like foliage in this Masterclass.