2022 New Year Masterclass Bundle

Rs. 6,000

Starting this new year with a bundle of Masterclasses, which will include
1. A main flower - The Poodle Hibiscus

The Poodle Hibiscus (El Capitolio) are large, pendant-like, orange to apricot coloured Hibiscus flowers which are centred by a narrow stalk tipped with a pompom of frilly petals creating a 'poodled' effect.

2. A foliage - The Variegated Umbrella Dwarf plant

This is a showy foliage that spruces up an arrangement with its unique marble effect and the leaves spread in an umbrella fashion.

2. A filler - The Rose Hips

The Rose hips make excellent fillers and can also be used to make an arrangement all by themselves

Learn a quick and easy way to make all of these - the pendant-like Poodle Hibiscus, the fanned-out Variegated Umbrella Dwarf plant foliage and the gorgeous Rose Hips.