Alstroemeria Masterclass

Rs. 4,000

The pink Alstroemeria represents romance and playfulness; and their twisted leaves also hold the special symbol of bonding, stability and overcoming difficulties together. It’s the perfect flower to give when friendships turn into love.

I always feel it is the colouring which actually brings the flowers to life and I will be showing you in detail how to get it as close to nature as possible.

You will also learn:
- How to make the buds - both with and without moulds
- The twisted leaves - using a technique that will ensure they don’t droop even in the most humid weather!
- The delicate centre using my signature AQT technique - Arati’s quick twiddle technique; a technique that cuts your working time in half and gives you uniform and neat twiddles each time, every time! (This technique is so versatile that I promise you, you won’t go back to the traditional method of twiddling after you learn it!)
- And of course, how to put together all these elements into one gorgeous sprig!!