Echeveria Succulent Masterclass

Rs. 4,000

Unlock the art of crafting life-like Echeveria succulents for floral arrangements and cake decor with this Masterclass. In this Masterclass, I'll lead you through each step, unravelling the intricacies of bringing your succulent to life, emphasising the significance of colour application and achieving a hyper-realistic appearance

  1. Colouring Techniques: Unravel the complexities of colouring. Learn to apply shades in layers, mimicking the natural gradient found in these plants. Explore the nuances of colour mixing, understanding why certain tones are crucial for a lifelike finish.
  2. Waxy RealismElevate your succulent to a new level of realism by mastering the art of creating a waxy finish. A simple yet essential step to add authenticity to the succulents.
  3. Stem Perfection: The journey to lifelike succulents doesn't end with the petals. Dive into the intricacies of crafting realistic stems that seamlessly blend with your meticulously designed flowers. Learn how to replicate the texture and appearance of succulent stems, ensuring a cohesive and convincing final result.

The culmination of your efforts will yield creations so stunning that observers will find it challenging to believe they aren't real. Embark on this journey, and soon you'll possess the expertise to create gorgeous edible Echeveria succulents that captivate the eye and blur the line between artifice and nature.