All about Wires!


A lot of people are confused while choosing the gauge of wire for making different parts of the flower/stem etc; hence I though it would be helpful if I shared how I go about wiring different elements of an arrangement. 

35/ 33 Gauge

I use 35/ 33 gauge wire a lot. I just love the fact that these can be used to provide central support for various, fillers, centres, stamens and even tiny leaves as well as petals. At the same time, they do not add too much bulk and I love it for that reason! And above all, it is perfect for AQT- Arati’s Quick
Twiddle Technique!

14/18 Gauge 

I use these mostly for the central stems of flowers especially those with thick stems, or heavy flowers/sprigs, which require a sturdy support system.


30,28, 26 Gauge 

Most of my medium sized petals /leaves are made using 28g wire and for the
bigger/heavier petals and leaves, I use 26g.

24/22/20 Gauge

I usually use these for the central stem of pulled flowers ,buds ,large berries etc, to make sprigs of leaves/flowers; again as a central support – to provide strength to the stems as I put together leaves and flowers into a sprig.