Musings on Realistic Sugar Flowers

Sharing my thoughts on the constant debate- Is it really necessary to spend so much time and effort trying to get sugar flowers to look life like…

There is nothing more perfect than nature, nor anything more beautiful. Mankind has, for centuries, strived to emulate her! This is an ability that makes humans special.

Having the opportunity to replicate or emulate this beauty of nature through the art of sugar flowers gives me the utmost satisfaction. When patrons and onlookers mistake my creations for natural flowers, my joy knows no bounds and gives me a real high.

If one looks at all the great works of art- what awes people is how they reflect nature- If one admires breath taking sculptures, it is because of the intricate detailing and life like forms etched in
stone. Great art is a painstaking practice and involves time, effort and keen eye of an artist. I would like to call myself an artist– not an artisan.

When I am pressed for time and need more flowers to decorate a cake– I choose those that take lesser time to make– there are so many millions to choose from. It’s the same as why we spend more time trying to perfect the edges of our cakes – rounded edges
will also do; the endless hours spent on making the ruffles, pleats – anything that has to look extra special needs that much more time and effort and so does making realistic flowers – it’s the strive for
perfection – something that brings immense joy to me – after all I must first make myself happy.

Making realistic flowers has given me the recognition and respect in this industry and is what makes my work stand out and I am so thankful that I have found this niche.

Do I regret the extra time spent on it? Absolutely not! Would I be happy without it? Definitely not!

This is what I love doing and a labor of love gives the best result; and that’s what matters in the end!

I’m sure I speak for all my friends from this wonderful world of sugar flowers.